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Here is where we start telling you just how great we really are.  Or maybe this is where you start thinking: 

“Why am I really here?”

We think that is the most important part.  It is essential that you know what you are looking for.  Since you are a prospective client of ours, there is a good chance that there is a very simple reason why you are mainly searching for SEO services.  You want to get visibility for your website and company.  

Most likely you run a great business.  Most likely you are probably very good at what your company does.  However, there may be many people who don’t know about your business at this point.  And the thing that you might not be so good at is determining how to ensure that people become aware of what a great business you have.     

Visibility is really the key to getting your business to grow. 

Our responsibility is to help showcase your business – and your talents – since once people are able to truly see you and what you do, that’s your chance to really impress them whenever the opportunity presents itself.  We are very good at our jobs, just like you are.  For its niche, this website was able to become the fifth most visible (is you can even really call a search result of 20 million plus a “niche”) in just one month of it launching.  That didn’t happen due to magic or dumb luck.  It was all based on hard work.  It was us applying our knowledge of how the search engines work.  We accomplished it in the same way by applying the exact same principles we can use to benefit your business.  (There is also a good chance that the reason why you are here is due to how visible we are.)       

We will transform your online presence into a great shining beacon of light, and we will go about it in the right way.  We will take a white hat, clean approach that is respected by the search engines, and gain more visibility for you in the process.  

We accomplish this through building your Authority.  

There are two main things that make up Authority: Reputation and Trust.  When your site is viewed as an Authority by the search engines they respond by providing you with more Visibility.  Although there is a good chance that you have plenty already in the real world, we will help you with developing your online Authority.     

The way we accomplish that is through focusing on engaging content – and not just keyword-filled garbage.  We engage in long-term, legitimate planning – without ever using any short-sighted tricks designed to attempt to game the system.

So what does this mean?  What it means is we are able to secure results for you.  It means we are able to make sure that your SEO needs are managed well, either by us or we will train your staff and you to manage them for the future, through using long-term, proven strategies. 

There is much more we are able to do for you so that your best foot is put forward online.  Contact us today if you would like to learn more specifics.  At your free consultation we will discuss with you exactly what we have to offer you, and work on a plan that will best suit your budget and needs.  

The following is a short list of some of the things we do.  It is all strictly done in a white hat (honest) way:    


When the highest quality Search Engine Optimization is applied to your website, you will be able to beat out your competitors for your most important search terms in the search engines and discover untapped sources of revenue.

Website Design

With all of the different website design options that are available, we can create your dream website as well as company philosophy in a very short period of time.  

Logo Design

All of the artists on our staff can help to bring the vision of your brand to life through our incredible Logo Design services, and can be customized to meet your individual needs and preferences.  

Email Marketing

Get assistance with automatically sending out your company’s email messages to big contact lists at specified dates and times. 

Reputation Management

Reputation management can be used to ensure that your business and you are viewed in positive ways by your current and prospective customers. 

Social Media Marketing

Learn how you can become the King of Social Medial through using the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other important social platforms. 

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Our Team

Dackota Johnson

Founder of Pro Phoenix SEO

Search Engin Optimization Superstar and founder of the company.

Travis Harley

Website Designer

Designs and implements the website of your dreams.

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