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Almost every successful business with an online presence uses website optimization in their internet marketing strategy in one way or another. For that reason, it pays to know what it is, how to use it, and to understand how it affects your bottom line.

Why Does It Matter?

Without good optimization and a link building plan, you could find that your otherwise successful business begins to be overtaken by better-prepared competitors. You may have far superior products but without proper online marketing your competition will find one of many Phoenix SEO companies to get them ranked. This is because most consumers get their information about a company via some online search engine. Moreover, the majority of people don’t go past the first page of results.  You want your business to be listed of course, but getting it to the top can be an uphill battle without proper SEO.

What Is It?

Search engines use what’s known as “web crawlers” to find and organize information from every website on the internet. That enormous undertaking basically prioritizes the information based on specific keywords and phrases found within it. If your website has the right keywords then it will show up for relevant searches.

How Does It Help My Business?

SERPS in Phoenix AZ

The image to the left is a snapshot of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). Most customers click on the top results. Here are some average results:

Rank 1 32.5%
Rank 2 17.6%
Rank 3 11.4%
Rank 4 8.1%

With proper work done on your site, you can end up on the front page of results for your keywords.

How much more business would your company get in these top spots?

Individuals interact with websites and the internet in certain ways.  Google is quite good at understanding how the internet is used by people and that it can help them find the locations of good information.  All of that is taken into consideration by Google in its search engine results pages or SERPs.  Every individual keyword has its own SERP.  There are some SERPs that have all websites in the listings, while others will include social media listings and videos, while still, others have map listings included.  We make use of all of these different kinds of internet properties to ensure your customers can find you, make a connection with you and then contact you directly.

Getting you found is at the very core of all we do.  What that means is that we make sure your website performs well, including all of the technical details taken care of.  We also ensure you have the right content on your site that is what people are searching for.  Without conducting the proper research on what individuals are looking for, many content providers, copywriters, and business owners will end up creating videos and articles that don’t line up with what people are actually searching for in the search engines.

If your website has the right keywords and phrases, traffic will be driven to your website more often. This is because web browsers will pick up on your keywords and list you at the top of the search engines. However, the success of SEO is based heavily on how carefully you use it or the experience of the Phoenix SEO company.

How Do I Use SEO to Positively Affect My Business?

At Pro Phoenix SEO we use many strategies to create a viable stream of traffic to your website which increases conversations and boosts sales. While there are numerous automated programs that create a robotic list based on a list of predetermined keywords, organic creation is one of the best forms to date. By carefully considering your keywords and phrases and by monitoring the density thereof, a skilled writer can develop web content that attracts the right kind of attention while working with a web developer to create websites built to convert prospects into clients.

Did you know only 8.5% of searchers look past the first page? Here’s a breakdown of where a search typically ends:

Page 1             91.5%

Page 2             4.8%

Page 3             1.1%

Page 4             0.4%

What would it mean to your business to be on page 1?

Phoenix SEO Services Get Your Business Found

Algorithms, Penalties, and Filters

Among the worst accounts that we run into is when search engine agencies have been hired by companies that don’t use good practices and are too aggressive when attempting to achieve rankings.  Google continues to get better and sorting out low-quality content and spam and eliminating it from their SERPs.

Some of the Google updates are called names such as Panda and Penguin.  If your website was filtered due to low quality or spammy content or low quality and spammy links, you might have been hit with a Google penalty or filter.

However, it isn’t always a completely lost cause. Many times we are able to conduct a Penguin recovery for your website in order to get its traffic and ranking back by eliminating the purchased links or spam that Google has determined it beneath its quality standards.  It isn’t easy and does need to have somebody who really knows how to conduct a Penguin recovery and knows exactly what to look for.  However, it is possible to bring many websites back to life by an experienced SEO professional who knows exactly what things to look for, how to get bad links disavowed and keep the good ones, and then getting your website back into Google’s good graces.

The Panda update was similar to cleaning spammy results up.  It is focused on websites with duplicate, thin or bad content on them.  The search engines basically improve the experience of users by eliminating these kinds of pages out of their search results.  It is also possible to reverse Panda filters, but you need a professional to determine what the offending content is, upgrade or change it, and then have the quality of your site re-evaluated by Google.

Ready to get started?

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Phoenix SEO company that finds your keywords

Keywords are specific phrases people use to find an answer. If I was looking for a local dentist, my search might look something like this:

“dentist in Phoenix”

“Phoenix dentist”

“best dentist in Phoenix”

These are keywords and there could be hundreds of variations for your product or service.

Do you know what keywords your customers use when searching for you?

How Do I Know Which Keywords and Phrases to Use?

Two words: Keyword Research

The first thing is, you have an enormous number of individuals searching for your services within the search engines.  By using different keywords or keyword terms, they are searching for something or someone to solve their problem for them.  You will definitely lose a great deal of business to your competition if your website does not appear on Google’s first page of search results.

We have all of the necessary research tools for helping us understand how much this business is, and whenever we work with a company needing search engine optimization services, we frequently start with looking to see how many individuals are searching online for what services or products the company offers.

The business owners that we work with will then have this hard data and knowledge about how much new business that our services will bring to their company.

Let me take a few minutes to discuss what search engine optimization really is – It is basically a fairly descriptive term or phrase.  All of the various factors that the search engines are looking for to determine its rankings are taken into account and those factors are optimized.  This includes the content on your site as well as technical factors and the type and number of links or votes you are getting from external sources.

Unfortunately, most digital marketing agency writers won’t know what keywords and phrases you need. That is information you will need to gather for yourself once you have a firm grip on which products or services you want to showcase the most. Programs exist which tell you what words and/or phrases are being searched for the most, and there are always professional marketing specialists willing to take the reins as well.  Choose your words and phrases wisely, though, because they will eventually become associated with your brand.

What Happens If I Choose the Wrong Keywords and Phrases?

Luckily, optimization is something that can be done multiple times for each website. In fact, there is no limit to the number of times you can restructure your content to better suit your bottom line. If you use the wrong keywords and you want to redefine yourself in the market, simply start the process all over from the beginning and watch the results as they occur. Optimization is typically inexpensive compared to the end results, and can help grow your business in ways that traditional advertising cannot. Let us know how the best Phoenix SEO agency can help you beat out your competitors and bring in more clients.

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